Welcome to Paddock Talk, a safe haven for your journey towards healing.

Step into a world of healing and connection at our unique therapy space nestled within the embrace of nature. At Paddock Talk, we offer an extraordinary experience where the wisdom of horses and the tranquility of the outdoors come together to facilitate growth and transformation. Our therapy room, set amidst the serene beauty of the natural environment, provides a sacred space where you can explore your inner self with the gentle company of our majestic equine partners.

We offer you the unique choice of deep engagement or serene observation in the presence of our remarkable equine companions. Whichever path you choose, our therapy offerings harmonize the inherent grace of horses with your personal journey, fostering growth, healing, and profound connection to the natural world. We recognise that healing is deeply personal and influenced by various factors. That’s why we offer a range of therapeutic modalities that respect your unique journey, ensuring that you receive the support you need in a way that resonates with you.





Horses provide support with no judgement, where we can explore ourselves and our feelings.

When we touch into those difficult parts of ourselves, the horses are naturally drawn to us with unconditional acceptance.

At Paddock Talk we welcome all ages and presenting issues as individuals, having unique wants and needs. All clients will be offered individual programs especially designed for them. It is not a “one-size fits all model” approach.

Requirements could range from simply finding your calm to finding motivation, confidence, building social skills and becoming more inspired.

Horses are highly intuitive, sensitive and strong animals and are oriented towards connection and relationship.



paddock talk equine therapy with josie cowley

Josie Cowley

Josie has trained as an Equine assisted Psychotherapist with The Equine Psychotherapy Institute. She is also a certified Crisis Support Worker for Lifeline Direct Victoria, and values her work there to be able to listen, encourage and help callers through times of distress.

Josie has completed a diploma in Counselling, and has many years of experience in helping people live happy and more fulfilling lives. 


Asked Questions.

Q. Can friends come and watch?


Consideration of bystanders will be based on a case by case situation. At Paddock Talk, we believe in prioritising the best outcome for our clients and our horses.

What if it’s bad weather?


We have an undercover area where we can still interact with the horses, experiment with activities and explore talk therapy.

Can we ride the horses?


No riding is offered at Paddock Talk. Unmounted sessions only.

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